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You May Be Entitled to Compensation if a Truck Driver’s Mistake Caused Your Accident

Commercial trucks can be extremely dangerous when they are not driven safely. There are a series of safety procedures truck drivers are supposed to follow, from getting adequate rest in between shifts to checking that their load is secure. When drivers carelessly skip steps or take needless risks, people can be seriously hurt. Accidents caused by 18-wheelers often involve multiple other vehicles and injuries. If you were injured in a [...]

2021-12-17T17:04:49+00:00December 15, 2021|Truck Accidents|

Top 6 Reasons Green Bay Hit-and-Run Drivers Do Not Stop

Hit-and-run car accidents are uniquely frustrating. You are left injured and wondering how your medical bills and other costs will be paid while the responsible party is nowhere to be found. Hit-and-run drivers take off for a number of reasons, often because they were breaking the law even before the crash.  There are ways an attorney may be able to go about recovering compensation for you after a hit-and-run accident, [...]

2021-12-13T15:42:17+00:00December 10, 2021|Appleton Car Accident Attorneys|

Spotting Intoxicated Drivers this Holiday Season

After spending last Thanksgiving and Christmas mostly apart due to the pandemic, many families and friends are looking forward to gathering in person for the holidays this year. The holiday season is a happy time for people to come together. Of course, coming together in person means that a lot of people will be on the roads, traveling to visit loved ones. Unfortunately, not all of those drivers will be [...]

2021-12-02T14:29:27+00:00December 10, 2021|Appleton Car Accident Attorneys|

What if My Car Accident Happened on Private Property?

You probably know exactly what to do after a car accident on public roadways - get medical attention if you need it, call the police to report the crash, and then contact an attorney. Car accidents can be a little bit different when they happen on private property. Most accidents that happen on private lands, such as in a store’s parking lot or parking garage, are minor with no injuries. [...]

2021-12-02T13:57:37+00:00December 8, 2021|Appleton Car Accident Attorneys|

Winter Weather and Driver Negligence

It is well-known that the roads are more dangerous in the winter. Snow and ice make for slippery streets and impaired visibility. Drivers are expected to use reasonable caution, considering all the circumstances. This means that people are expected to take the weather into account when they are driving and be particularly careful. Unfortunately, some do not, and serious accidents result. If you were hurt in a car crash because [...]

2021-12-08T17:12:44+00:00December 8, 2021|Appleton Car Accident Attorneys|

Approaching Witnesses After a Car Crash

Neutral witnesses can be essential in car accident cases. When someone who was not involved in the crash and has no interest in the outcome of the case managed to see what happened, their testimony has the potential to make or break your claim. It is a good idea to speak to witnesses at the scene if possible, while their memory is fresh. There are a few things to keep [...]

2021-12-06T15:53:23+00:00December 6, 2021|Appleton Car Accident Attorneys|

What To Do After a Winter Car Crash

Weather-related car accidents are a common occurrence during harsh Wisconsin winters. Snow and ice make braking and navigating turns tricky. Drivers are expected to factor in weather conditions and use appropriate care to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to respect the dangers of winter weather, and their carelessness results in injuries to others.  There are special considerations in winter car accidents. Timing is critical - winter weather has a [...]

2021-11-19T22:02:29+00:00December 6, 2021|Car Accidents|

Hidden Dangers of Dog Bites

Dog bites happen, whether the result of aggressive play or actual aggression. Some bites may seem minor at first. Many people avoid seeking medical care unless the wound seems particularly bad, opting to treat the bite at home. However, even dog bite injuries that do not seem serious right away can harbor hidden dangers like infection. It is generally best to seek medical treatment if you were bitten by a [...]

2021-11-30T15:10:40+00:00November 30, 2021|Appleton Personal Injury Attorney|

What is a Survival Action in Wisconsin?

Losing a loved one due to the wrongful conduct of another person can be absolutely devastating. After the wrongful death of a family member, you are not only grieving, you are likely buried in medical bills and other expenses. A survival action is a type of lawsuit that arises from a wrongful death. Essentially, a survival action allows the victim’s estate to carry out the lawsuit the decedent could have [...]

2021-11-30T15:02:08+00:00November 30, 2021|Appleton Car Accident Attorneys|

When is Reporting a Car Accident Mandatory?

Filing a police report after any car accident is a good idea. Even if you do not think you are injured at the time, you could quite possibly discover days or even weeks later that the accident did more damage than you originally thought. Delayed injuries like whiplash are common after an auto accident, meaning you might feel fine at the accident scene only to wake up in pain the [...]

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