Three Dangers of Driving in Hazardous Spring Weather

With spring coming, heavy rain and thunderstorms will once again put motorists at risk of accidents. An accident can happen at any time, but wet weather makes the risk of an accident even greater. After an auto accident, it is essential to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure all evidence is collected promptly.  Slick Road Conditions Severe rainstorms can create slick roads and increase dangerous [...]

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Understanding the Extreme Dangers of Hazmat Truck Accidents 

Hazmat trucks and tankers haul gas or liquid cargo as well as flammable or explosive solids. Accidents involving any type of commercial truck are dangerous, but an accident involving a hazmat truck can be especially catastrophic. Hazmat truck drivers and carriers are supposed to follow stringent federal rules and regulations, but life-altering accidents still occur. In a hazmat emergency, the spilling of toxic material can be harmful to not only the [...]

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What Are the Most Common Injuries in T-Bone Accidents?

Collisions between motor vehicles can be devastating. While there are multiple types of car accidents that can occur in various locations, many collisions take place at intersections, and they are often caused by drivers who do not obey signs or traffic signals. When a person proceeds through an intersection without checking that it is clear or runs a red light or stop sign, this may result in a side-impact collision. [...]

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4 Ways That Driver Negligence That Can Lead to Rear-End Accidents

Of the different types of car accidents that can occur, rear-end collisions are often considered to be among the least serious. These accidents often take place when vehicles are traveling at relatively low speeds, and they may not cause a great deal of damage to a car. However, the impact of a collision can still cause harm to drivers and passengers, and they may experience multiple types of injuries, including [...]

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Are Drunk Driving Accidents More Likely to Occur on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that provides many people with the opportunity to celebrate with friends and loved ones, whether they have Irish heritage or not. However, these celebrations often involve alcohol, and with so many people drinking while they are out and about, the likelihood that people will engage in drunk driving increases significantly. This may be a major concern in 2022, since the lifting of restrictions related [...]

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What Are the Most Common Traffic Violations That Lead to Car Accidents?

When sharing the roads with others, it is important to drive safely. Even the smallest motor vehicles weigh several thousand pounds, and they can inflict a great deal of damage when they collide with other vehicles. In many cases, car accidents occur because drivers fail to follow the rules of the road. Traffic laws are in place for a reason, and they are meant to ensure that everyone can share [...]

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Is Distracted Driving More Likely to Cause Car Accidents in the Winter?

A car accident can be devastating at any time of the year. Collisions between vehicles can cause drivers or passengers to suffer multiple types of serious injuries that may lead to issues such as large medical bills, temporary or permanent disabilities, and a great deal of pain and emotional trauma. As drivers in Wisconsin know, the risks of car accidents are often greater during the winter, and conditions on the [...]

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When Can Car Accidents Lead to Joint Dislocation Injuries?

A motor vehicle collision can cause a great deal of bodily harm to a vehicle’s occupants and anyone else who is involved. There are multiple types of serious injuries that can occur in a car accident, and in addition to receiving emergency medical treatment, victims may require ongoing care to address the effects of their injuries. Dislocated joints can be especially difficult to deal with, and victims will want to [...]

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When Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Available After a Car Accident?

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be difficult, especially if a person has experienced significant injuries or extensive damage to their vehicle. In many cases, insurance coverage is available, and insurance claims may be made under the policy of the driver who was at fault for the collision. However, there are some situations where a driver may not be insured, or their policy may not fully cover [...]

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How Improper Vehicle Maintenance May Lead to Winter Car Accidents

While drivers in Wisconsin may be used to cold weather during the winter, they will still need to take a number of precautions to ensure that they will be able to drive safely. Snow and ice on the roads can have a significant effect on people’s ability to maintain control while driving, and other winter weather conditions can also increase the risk of car accidents. In addition to driving as [...]

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