Defective Toys and Child Injuries – What Every Parent Should Know

If you are like most parents, you take the time to check age recommendations before purchasing a new toy for your child. You may even check to ensure the product has not been recalled, and if you ever learn of one, you get rid of the toy or return the toy or send it in for a refund or replacement. So, what happens when your child experiences an injury, despite [...]

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What Every American Should Know About the Consumer Protection Safety Act

The Consumer Protection Safety Act (CPSA) is meant to protect consumers from the risk of death or injury from dangerous and defective products. Enacted by Congress in 1972, it outlines guidelines for the safe production, sale, packaging, and labeling of consumer products. It also regulates manufacturers and requires that they follow a specific protocol if or when a defective product is discovered. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers adhere to the CPSA. [...]

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When Product Manufacturers Fail to Provide Safety Warnings – Understanding Your Rights in a Product Liability Case

Consumers have the right to expect that the products they purchase are reasonably safe, and that they will be warned of any potential dangers. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. As a result, victims can be injured or wrongfully killed. A prime example is the recent case against Ikea. Three children were killed when defective furniture tipped over on them. The products never provided any warning. If you or someone [...]

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CSPC Report Reveals Concerning Information on Defective Product Electrocutions

Electrocution might seem like an easy situation to avoid, but there are unseen and little known risks everywhere. They come in the form of defective consumer products, such as power tools, hair dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Even more concerning is the rate at which these products lead to serious and life-threatening injuries. If you are a consumer and own any electrical appliance, tool, or device know what your risks [...]

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Furniture Tip-Overs Carry a High Risk of Death and Severe Injury for Children

Parents go to great lengths to keep their children safe: they teach them not to talk to strangers, they require hand holding to cross the street, and they research the best and safest cribs, register for product recalls, and may even purchase organic baby food to avoid the risks of pesticides. Unfortunately, not all safety practices prevent injuries from occurring, especially when potential hazards go undisclosed or products are defective. [...]

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Study Questions Quitting Power of E-Cigarettes as Doctors Raise Concerns About Safety

Marketed as a smoking cessation product, electronic cigarettes have grown massively in popularity over the years. However, an analysis of several studies suggests they may not be effective in helping smokers quit. Even more concerning are the warnings coming from doctors regarding the potential health risk they may pose to users. Add in the defective electronic cigarette claims being filed and these little products begin to seem much more dangerous [...]

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Personal Injury Prevention: Tips for Protecting Your Children from Toy Injury

Toys can do more than just provide fun and entertainment for children; they can also aid in development, growth and learning. Unfortunately, certain toys—even the most innocent looking ones—can pose a threat. Thankfully, an ounce of prevention (and sometimes a lot of supervision) can go a long way when it comes to keeping children safe from potentially dangerous toys. Pay Attention to the Packaging All toys should have an age [...]

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Proposes a Significant Overhaul on U.S. Vehicle Safety Ratings

More than 32, 000 people die on the roads each year. In 2015, millions of vehicles were recalled because of defects; some were responsible for wrongful deaths and injuries. To manage these defects, and to hopefully improve overall safety on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing a significant overhaul to the safety ratings minimums of U.S vehicles. New Crash Test Technology One of the best [...]

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Popular Hair Product Under Fire for Allegedly Causing Hair Loss

There are hundreds of different types of hair products on the market, all of which work in varying degrees. However, there is one product that has recently come under fire after causing alleged baldness in more than 200 women. The company is also facing claims for allegedly blocking negative comments about their alleged dangerous products on Facebook and in online reviews. Wen Products and Alleged Baldness Wen products, which are [...]

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Smartwatches Can Cause Accidents and Injuries

Distracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents in the United States and the rise of handheld mobile devices over the past decade has significantly increased the risks of accidents and injuries on the road. Specifically, texting, emailing, or other types of messaging are considered to be particularly dangerous forms of distraction because they cause all three types of distractions: Visual Distraction: Taking your eyes off the road (visual [...]

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