Examining the Potential Complications of a Dog Bite Injury

It is estimated that some 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog in the United States each year. Of those, nearly 885, 000 seek medical treatment, 30, 000 require reconstructive surgery, and 3 to 18 percent develop an injury-related infection. Startling as these statistics may sound, there is treatment available. The following sections can help you learn more about the potential complications of such injuries, their treatment, and the [...]

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Preventing Infection After a Dog Bite Injury

Dogs might be considered man’s best friend, but they are still animals, and they can still cause injury. In some cases, dog bite injuries may be severe, which may increase the victim’s risk of infection. Learn how you can prevent this from happening after a bite injury and discover how an experienced attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation for your losses. Treating Minor Bite Injuries Most minor [...]

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Feline Bites Often More Prone to Infection Than Dog Bites

More often than not, people associate dog bites with serious injuries. However, cats are also capable of causing life-threatening and serious injuries to victims. This is because, in many ways, their bites are actually more likely to result in an infection than a minor dog bite. Learn more about the treatment for feline bites, your risk of infection from a cat bite, and your right to pursue fair compensation for [...]

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Dog Bite Complications: When a Bite is More Than Just a Bite

While, in most cases, dog bite injuries are relatively minor and can be treated at home, others are more severe and require immediate medical attention. Due to the increased risk of infection, this includes any bite that leaves behind a puncture wound, laceration, or tear in the skin. Furthermore, all children should be evaluated after a dog bite, no matter how small or minor the injury may appear to be. [...]

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Dog Bites More Common in Summer: Know How to Protect Yourself and Your Children

With summer now in full swing, there are more people—and animals—out and about. Unfortunately, the risk for dog bites is increased. This is especially true when in public areas where dogs might be, such as the park or while walking around in your neighborhood. Know what you can do to protect yourself and your children in the coming months, and know what to do if a bite should occur. Protecting Yourself and [...]

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Understanding Wisconsin's Dog Bite and Injury Laws and Your Rights as a Victim

Dogs may be known as man's best friend, but they can and do sometimes cause injury or harm to innocent victims. Most of the time, those injuries are caused by an unleashed or stray dog. However, that is not always the case. If you or someone you love has recently been bitten or otherwise injured by a dog, know your rights under Wisconsin state law. Injury Caused by Dog at [...]

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Prevention and Treatment of Dog Bites

Dog bites can be traumatic experiences that leave both emotional and physical scars, long after the initial injury has healed. Sadly, children are often most susceptible, due in part to their curious nature and lack of knowledge when it comes to interacting with strange animals. However, even adults can become victim to a loose and aggressive dog. Know how to best prevent such injuries, and how you can treat them [...]

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What to do Following a Dog Bite

Being attacked or bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience. However, after a dog attack or dog bite, a victim may not know what steps he or she should take, or what his or her options are in regards to holding the dog's owner responsible. If you or a loved one is attacked or bitten by a dog, the following steps can help to increase your chances of [...]

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Be Careful of Dog Bites over Memorial Day Weekend

According to statistics reported by the ASPCA, an estimated 4.7 million individuals in the United States are bitten by a dog on an annual basis. Approximately 800, 000 dog bite victim visit emergency departments for medical treatment of injuries sustained by a bite. Dog bites can cause several different types of injuries, and may include serious, long-lasting symptoms and effects. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks of dog [...]

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Pets and Strangers: Prevent Dog Bites this Holiday Season

The holidays are often filled with fun parties, family and friends. However, with an increased amount of people entering and leaving a house, dog owners should be extra careful and make sure their furry friends remain on their best behavior. According to dogsbite.org, 1, 000 Americans are treated in the emergency room for dog bites every day. Dog bites can result in serious injuries to both a victim and a [...]

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