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Jill Stieg sbw
Meet Jill

Jill Stieg has been with the Herrling Clark Law Firm for over 30 years as a paralegal. Jill obtained her paralegal degree in 1989 from the American Institute of Paralegal Studies and graduated from UW Oshkosh in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Criminal Justice. As part of Bob Loomis’ team, she has helped thousands of clients navigate through difficult family law matters, including complex divorce cases.

Jill’s Work

Over her years at the firm, the family law practice has become proficient in handling large financial cases, including businesses, farms, professionals, and other highly complex family law cases. Jill has also been involved in significant cases involving issues of gifted property and inheritances. She has also been active in cases involving prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements. With over 30 years of family law experience, Jill and Bob have established a strong network of experts and individuals that assist in helping our clients obtain good results in a bad situation. Jill’s knowledge of the legal system, professional relationships with various business professionals, and her attention to detail allow her to assist the team and help tackle problems that arise in divorce. In 2020, she earned the designation of SBWCP, State Bar of Wisconsin Certified Paralegal.

Just for Fun

Jill has been instrumental in organizing for the firm charity drives throughout the year, through the Friday Jeans Day benefiting one charity or a family in need within our community each quarter. Her interests lie in planning events and parties, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.