Pets and Strangers: Prevent Dog Bites this Holiday Season

The holidays are often filled with fun parties, family and friends. However, with an increased amount of people entering and leaving a house, dog owners should be extra careful and make sure their furry friends remain on their best behavior. According to dogsbite.org, 1, 000 Americans are treated in the emergency room for dog bites every day. Dog bites can result in serious injuries to both a victim and a [...]

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What Causes Dog Bites in Wisconsin?

Dogs are highly revered for the love and companionship they bring to their owners. However, it does not take much for man's best friend to quickly turn into a dangerous adversary that can deliver a dog bite. Dogs by nature are friendly creatures, but their inability to communicate makes it difficult for humans to understand why dogs can sometimes become hostile. In fact, according to the American Society for the [...]

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Steps to Take Immediately after a Dog Bite in Wisconsin

Dogs are often considered to be man's best friend due to the companionship and loyalty they can provide to an owner. Dogs are also treated as members of the family and receive the same, if not more, love and respect that other family members receive. However, regardless of how revered a dog may be, all it takes is one act of aggression before a beloved four-legged friend and its owner [...]

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