How Will a Spinal Cord Injury Affect My Health and Finances?

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, and approximately 17, 500 of these types of injuries occur each year, with 38 percent being due to car accidents. The medical costs of spine injuries can put the financial security of victims and their families in jeopardy. In addition, these injuries can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to work and earn an income. Understanding the Full Impact of Spinal Cord [...]

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How a Spinal Injury Registry Could Help Newly Injured Patients

Spinal injuries are often the most devastating because they are capable of causing partial or complete paralysis and, depending on the location and severity, may require specialized lifetime treatment. Unfortunately, the data available to treat patients can be hard to come by for doctors. This can limit the understanding and even the potential outcomes. Advocates in Australia are calling for a national registry database on treatment. Patients in the U.S. [...]

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