appleton car accident lawyerBeing rear-ended can be quite jarring. These car accidents often happen when you least expect them. Typically, a driver is completely stopped at an intersection when they are abruptly struck from behind with no warning. Rear-end collisions can be not only startling but also dangerous. Serious head and neck injuries can occur when the driver in the back was going fast enough, or if the driver in the front is pushed into another vehicle or object, causing a secondary collision. 

If you were hurt in a rear-end collision, you should contact a lawyer the moment you can. After a car accident, there is often critical evidence at the crash site that cannot be replicated and must be preserved immediately. 

What Serious Injuries Can a Rear-End Collision Cause? 

Rear-end collisions can be deceptive. From a bystander perspective, the wreck may not look very serious at all. However, for those inside the car, the forces involved in the collision can do serious damage. Injuries that commonly result from rear-end collisions include: 

  • Brain injuries – Whiplash can cause the brain to bounce against the side of the skull, causing contusions or concussions, among other potentially more serious brain injuries. If you experience any symptoms of a brain injury such as confusion or loss of consciousness after being rear-ended, it is extremely important to seek emergency medical care. 
  • Spinal injuries – Some spinal injuries can have a permanent impact on your life, ranging from pain to paralysis. Surgery may be needed in some cases. Herniated discs, which can result in long-term pain and disability, are a common example. Passengers who were in the back seat may be particularly at-risk. 
  • Arm injuries – Injuries like broken bones or torn ligaments in the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders are common, especially when people do see the impact coming and instinctively brace themselves. Being unable to use a hand or arm can have a major disruption on your life and potentially leave you unable to work until your injury heals. 
  • Seatbelt injuries – Depending on how fast the at-fault driver was going at the time of the collision, occupants of the not-at-fault car could be injured when they are forced into their seatbelts. Injuries to the chest can be quite serious. Broken ribs and internal bruising and bleeding may also result from seatbelt impacts. 

If you were rear-ended, it is important that you seek urgent medical care for your injuries. Some injuries, especially those related to whiplash, may not always be immediately apparent. Your next step should be to contact a qualified attorney, who can begin gathering evidence right away. 

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