Green Bay, WI car accident lawyer weather conditionsAlthough car accidents are often sudden and unexpected, drivers should always take care and follow the proper safety precautions to avoid a collision. Property damage, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths can all result from a car crash. Weather conditions can often play a role in these cases, and a driver should pay close attention to visibility and reaction time when operating a motor vehicle in inclement weather such as heavy fog. Due to the density of fog and its prevalence early in the morning and late at night, it is commonly linked to car crashes. While navigating foggy roads, drivers should take care to avoid an accident by doing the following:

1. Do Not Tailgate

Fog can be very dense, making it nearly impossible to see through. With limited visibility, the likelihood of a rear-end collision or striking an unseen pedestrian or object may vastly increase. When driving in fog, drivers should leave plenty of space between themselves and the surrounding vehicles.   

2. Use a Vehicle’s Resources

Cars and trucks have built-in features that are designed to help a motorist safely operate their vehicle in a variety of conditions. Windshield wipers, defrosters, and low beam headlights can all assist with increasing one’s visibility when driving in foggy conditions. A common misbelief, however, is that high beam headlights can help a motorist navigate through fog more easily.  Although the use of high beam headlights may increase the distance in which a driver can see, it can also create reflections in the fog’s water molecules, further decreasing the driver’s visibility. 

3. Focus on the Road

Concentrating too much on other vehicle lights through the fog can actually be a dangerous practice. Focusing on all aspects of the road can help a driver be aware of other events that are transpiring around him or her. It is also important to remember not to multitask while driving; adjusting the radio, using one’s cell phone, or applying make-up, when combined with lower visibility, can further increase the chances of an accident. 

4. Practice Appropriate Driving Techniques 

Decreasing one’s speed to a safer level may be appropriate in low-visibility situations. Furthermore, it is important to follow the rules of the road, such as using appropriate lanes, checking blind spots, and avoiding sudden stops. If a driver feels the need to pull over to the side of the road, they should be sure to turn on their vehicle’s hazard lights to alert other drivers. 

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