Green Bay, WI auto accident attorney for driver negligenceDriving is something that most people do every day, but even though it may be a routine activity, it can also be dangerous. Even when drivers are careful and take all precautions to protect their own safety, other drivers can make mistakes, and these errors may lead to car accidents that can cause serious injuries and extensive property damage. Victims who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents will want to understand the types of errors that may have led to their collision, and by working with a personal injury lawyer, they can determine their best options for receiving the compensation they deserve.

Dangerous Driver Errors

Drivers may make seemingly minor mistakes, or they may commit major violations that put themselves and others at risk of harm. Some common types of driver negligence include:

  • Traffic violations – It is common for many drivers to speed, but it is important to understand that speed limits are there for a reason. These limits ensure that drivers do not travel too quickly to slow down when necessary, such as when other vehicles are making turns onto other roads or driveways or when pedestrians are crossing the road. In addition to speeding, other dangerous traffic violations include making illegal turns, running red lights or stop signs, or driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

  • Aggressive driving – Some drivers may experience “road rage,” or they may act aggressively toward other vehicles or pedestrians because they are running late or believe that someone else is not moving fast enough. These drivers may take dangerous actions such as tailgating, cutting off other vehicles, or refusing to respect the right of way of cars, bicycles, or pedestrians.

  • Drowsy driving – Fatigue is an issue that can affect many drivers due to overwork, lack of sleep, or other unsafe behaviors. People may not realize that staying awake for 18-24 hours can have similar effects on the mind and body as being under the influence of alcohol. Drivers who are drowsy will experience reduced reaction times and problems with balance and coordination, making it more likely that they will be unable to avoid collisions.

  • Distracted driving – There are multiple different factors that may cause a person to take their attention away from the road, including using electronic devices, adjusting a vehicle’s radio, eating and drinking, conversing with passengers, or simply letting their mind wander. Even a momentary lapse in attention can cause a driver to fail to notice the movements of other vehicles or pedestrians, which can lead to dangerous collisions.

  • Failure to account for weather and traffic conditions or road construction – There are times that traveling at the posted speed limit may be too fast for conditions and can cause a danger to others on the roadway. Inclement weather, such as snow, ice, rain, or fog, can make it difficult to see or stop. Traffic congestion may result in the need for sudden stops. Road construction creates hazards for workers and other drivers. When traveling in any of these situations, drivers need to keep adequate distances between vehicles and to slow or stop when necessary, and the failure to do so can cause accidents and injuries to innocent victims.

Following a car accident, it is important to contact our attorneys as soon as possible. We will act quickly to obtain and preserve evidence showing that a collision occurred because of a driver’s negligence. Some of the forms of evidence that may be helpful in your case may include photographs of the vehicles and road conditions, testimony from witnesses who observed the collision, recordings of 911 calls, footage from traffic or security cameras, and reports from police officers at the scene.

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