When driving in Outagamie County, one of the last things that drivers expect to happen is to be involved in a crash. Auto accidents happen frequently and often result in accident injuries. This can be for a variety of reasons including a reckless driver, a drunk driver or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a fact of life that car accidents happen and they can cause injuries and even death.

An afternoon two-car collision sent both drivers to the hospital in critical condition. The head-on accident happened when a vehicle heading south veered across the center-line and into the northbound vehicle. Another driver in a third car was able to avoid being hit.

Police would like to speak to that driver to gather information as to their view of what happened. The police investigation is ongoing but they believe that alcohol might have played a part in the accident.

One of the first things that a driver or passenger will think about after auto accidents is surviving. The aftermath and the accident injuries are what can cause the biggest problems. If there is a hospitalization, the medical bills can be immense. There is the possibility of missed time and work and lost income. In extreme cases, people who are seriously injured will need rehabilitation and possibly long-term care.

Insurance companies are focused on keeping their costs within reason and they might offer a settlement early in the process for a minimal account or try to find ways to keep from paying anything. Those who have been hurt in a car crash need to bear their rights and future in mind. Seeking compensation through litigation is often the only avenue they have to protect themselves personally and financially.

In this case, the accident is still under investigation, but police believe alcohol played a part in the head-on crash. The two drivers were transported to the hospital in critical condition. They and their families need to bear the long-term consequences of their injuries in mind and consider filing a lawsuit. To gather information as to how to do this, it is a wise option to discuss the matter with a qualified attorney.

Source: WJFW.com, “UPDATE: Police believe alcohol was a factor in head-on crash, ” June 23, 2014