Appleton, WI auto accident lawyersEver since self-driving cars became a reality, drivers and safety advocates have been on the edge of their seat, just waiting for their widespread release. Unfortunately, we may still be a long way off from that actually happening, especially since a study revealed that, mile-for-mile, self-driving cars have an auto accident rate that is higher than conventional, person-driven cars. There is a bright side, however. The following information explains further.

Mile-for-Mile Comparison

The recent study, conducted by University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, examined the accident rate of the self-driving cars being tested throughout the state of California (a total of about 50 cars) and then compared that with the state’s overall accident rate, which includes about 269 million cars. What they found was that, mile-for-mile, self-driving cars have an accident rate that is approximately five times higher than that of conventional cars. This was true, even when researchers adjusted the conventional car crash rate to account for the estimated number of unreported crashes that occur in California each year.

Finding the Bright Side

At first glance, the crashes of self-driving cars might seem disheartening. Yet, when taking a closer look, there is still a bright side. The accidents all occurred at a low speed, none were reportedly the fault of the car itself, and the injuries sustained were less severe than those usually experienced by drivers of conventional cars. Further, the study indicated that none of the cars have malfunctioned or gone haywire, which suggests that the technology is at least mostly functional. In short, though we may need more time to figure out how to best merge self-driving cars with conventional cars, they still show a great deal of promise when it comes to reducing the rate of auto accident deaths and injuries.

Holding onto Hope for the Future and Representing Clients Today

Because it will still likely be years before self-driving cars make their way into mainstream, and because accident rates continue to increase throughout Wisconsin, it is important for drivers to know their rights. This is where our attorneys come in. We fight for victims, help them understand their right to compensation, and aggressively represent them in their personal injury settlements. After all, no one should have to handle the aftermath of an accident alone.

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