Green Bay auto crash attorneys, distracted drivingStatistics from the U.S. government's official website for distracted driving report that a total of 3, 179 people were killed by distracted driving in 2014, and another 431, 000 were injured. Even more concerning is that, despite all the warnings and campaigns, an estimated 660, 000 Americans use their cellphones or otherwise manipulate an electronic device while driving. One family, who lost their son to distracted driving in 2011, finally decided to do something about it.

Tragic Death Sparks New York Bill

At just 19-years-old, a passenger in the back seat of his family's vehicle became one of the many deaths caused by distracted driving. The man reportedly responsible for the accident initially told police he had fallen asleep at the wheel. However, during a civil lawsuit, the 19-year-old’s family unveiled a great deal of cell phone use by the man at the time of the accident.

Angered at the cause and disturbed by the fact that there was no protocol for the police when it came to determining if distracted driving was a factor in motor vehicle accidents, the family developed the New York bill now known as Evan's Law.

Evan's Law Currently Under Consideration

The family's efforts eventually paid off in the form of having the bill introduced by New York State Senator Terrence Murphy and Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. It is currently up for consideration as a legitimate law in the state of New York. If passed, it would enable officers to request that all drivers hand over their cell phones; police could then use a device known as the “textalyzer” to determine if a phone had any activity at the time of an accident (or at the time an officer spotted drivers using their device). Failure to comply would result in the immediate suspension of a driver's license.

Given the dangers of distracted driving, we encourage everyone in Wisconsin to contact your representatives and advocate for the introduction of a similar bill here in our state.

Suspect Distracted Driving in Your Automobile Accident? Get the Help You Deserve

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