Green Bay distracted driving accident attorneysDistracted driving causes an estimated nine deaths each day and at least 1, 000 injuries, yet drivers continue to use their cell phones while behind the wheel. The car manufacturer, Audi, is trying to combat those statistics with a new type of technology. Learn more about their efforts, discover what rights you may have if a distracted driver injures you or someone you love, and obtain information on how an experienced attorney can assist with your claim in the following sections.

Audi’s Safety Code Script

Audi’s new technology, which they refer to as their “safety code script, ” works a lot like the phone applications that developers have made; it automatically detects when the device is moving at a speed that exceeds 20 miles per hour and then asks the individual to confirm whether they are driving. If the phone user does indicate that they are behind the wheel, the safety code will disable their device, preventing them from using it while they are driving.

Sadly, the technology still has faults. Drivers can lie and override the safety code script if they so choose, but Audi is hoping that the new technology will encourage drivers to think twice before using their phone while driving. The real question is whether their efforts will be enough to combat the distracted driving epidemic or not.

Filing a Distracted Driver Accident Claim

Even when the efforts of car manufacturers like Audi are factored into the equation, the risk of a distracted driving accident remains exceptionally high. Sadly, the victims of these accidents often find themselves at a disadvantage when filing a claim against a distracted driver. Some of this is due to the complexity of insurance claims, but there are additional challenges in distracted driver claims. For example, law enforcement might not investigate the phone records of the distracted driver. Thankfully, an experienced personal injury lawyer can fight in your favor, right from the very start, to improve your chances of a full and fair settlement.

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