Green Bay car crash lawyersAuto accidents can be devastating for any victim, but children are at an increased risk for life-threatening injuries. In fact, statistics indicate that car crashes are the leading cause of death among children in the United States. Learn more about how to protect your child from a serious injury in a crash, and discover how an experienced attorney can help you seek the compensation that you deserve, should one occur.

Life-Threatening Car Crash Injuries in Children

While almost any type of injury can lead to a fatality, those related to the head are the most commonly seen in young children. Examples of such injuries include skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries, which can cause dangerous swelling in the brain. Infants under the age of one are at an especially high risk for these injuries, and they are far more likely to be life-threatening in this high-risk group. Thankfully, parents can reduce the risk.

Protecting Your Child from Life-Threatening Injuries

Parents can protect their children from life-threatening injuries in a car crash through safe driving practices and the use of a safety seat. Just keep in mind that car seats are only effective when they are used properly. The child’s age, height, and weight determine the type of safety seat that should be used (i.e. rear-facing, forward-facing, booster seat, etc.). All manufacturer instructions should be read and followed, and parents should avoid placing the child in the front seat of the vehicle whenever possible, as this is not the safest place for young children.

When an Injury Happens to Your Child

Although safe driving practices can reduce your chances of a crash and the appropriate use of a child safety seat can minimize the risk of a serious injury, neither eliminates the risk entirely. Thankfully, parents do have recourse if their child is harmed in crash – the most notable of which is their right to pursue compensation for their child’s injuries. Get help with your case to increase your chances of receiving the settlement that you and your child deserve.

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