Green Bay products liability attorneys, automaker defectParents are consistently told that the back seat of a vehicle is safest for children. Most of the time that statement is true. There is, however, an automobile defect in some vehicle makes and models that could place children at just as much risk as those riding in front seats. Even more disturbing is that the automakers of those vehicles have allegedly known of the problem for quite some time and have done nothing to correct it, even though the cost to automakers would be extremely low.

Crash Test Videos Reveals Potentially Deadly Defect

Obtained by CBS News, several crash videos show just what can happen when these car defects meet rear-end crashes. Driver and passenger seats in the front, when occupied, can collapse backwards and violently launch the rider into the backseat. Drivers and front seat passengers, themselves, are at a high risk for head injury; however, it is the passengers in the back, who are typically children, that are most at risk. Often hit in the head or chest by the skull and seat of the person in front of them, children are at risk for severe injuries that could lead to death or permanent disability.

Defect Would Cost Mere Dollars to Fix

Automakers whose vehicles allegedly suffer from this defect have reportedly admitted that they have known about the issue for quite some time. They also allegedly admitted that it would only take a couple of dollars per vehicle to fix the problem. The reason why they do not? Safety regulations do not require them to do so. But those safety regulations, which are more than a decade old, are very difficult to change, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), because the accidents are fairly rare.

Rarity Does Not Justify Inaction

Investigations from CBS News confirmed that the number of accidents involving the collapsing seats is rare—around 100 severe injuries, most of which were children, and 17 deaths. Yet does that rarity justify inaction upon the part of the automakers? Does it truly give them an excuse to not spend a couple more dollars per car to ensure the safety of countless children and passengers? Absolutely not. As such, automakers should be held accountable for every accident that injures or kills an innocent victim.

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