Green Bay electrocution lawyer, electrocutions in your homeElectrocutions are relatively common for construction or utility workers, electricians, or on other types of job sites. However, many people may not appreciate the risk of electrocution in their own homes.

Home electrocutions can occur for many different reasons, including faulty wiring, defective appliances or power tools, and faulty outlets. Moreover, electrocutions can cause serious injuries to you or your family members. The following steps can be taken to prevent electrocutions in your home:

  • Notice changes in your appliances — If any electric appliance suddenly gives you a shock, sparks, or blows a fuse or circuit breaker, do not simply ignore the problem. The appliance may be malfunctioning. Instead, keep it unplugged and call for a professional inspection;
  • Check cords — Cords on lamps, appliances, and other electronic devices should be safe for regular household use. If you notice a cord beginning to wear, bend, or fray, you should stop using that product. Defective cords can cause both electrocutions and electrical fires;
  • Use trusted professionals — If you need any type of electrical work done, it is always important to seek help from a trusted professional instead of trying to cheaply complete the job. Individuals who are not properly trained, or are not licensed electricians, can cause serious dangers if wiring mistakes are made;
  • Keep electronics away from water — While everyone should know not to use electric appliances or products by a sink or bathtub, even a little moisture can cause an appliance to malfunction and electrocute the user;
  • Do not overload outlets — There are several products on the market like cube taps that allow you to stretch the use of one outlet. While these products may claim they are safe for household use, overloading an outlet in this manner can cause an overloaded circuit, overheated wiring, and can often lead to electrocution or fire; and
  • Take care when decorating for the holidays — Both indoor and outdoor holiday lights present the risk of electrocution, especially if you have several strands of lights going into a single outlet. Make sure you are not overloading the maximum power of the outlet and that lights are not near any water or flammable materials.

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Electrocutions and the resulting burns can have a long-lasting effect on an injured victim's life. In many instances, this type of accident occurs due to the negligence of a product manufacturer, property owner, or another party. If you were electrocuted in your home or anywhere else due to another’s negligence, it is critical to discuss a possible legal claim with an Appleton electrocution lawyer or Green Bay electrocution lawyer who can determine your rights to recovery. At [[title]], we offer free consultations and have locations in Appleton, Oshkosh and Green Bay. Please call to schedule your consultation at 920-739-7366 today.