Appleton personal injury attorneys, child safety seatsMost parents will do anything to protect their children—parents require children to use of bicycle helmets, demand their hands be held when crossing the street, and expect a phone call once their children have reached their destination. However, there is one form of protection that an alarming number of parents get wrong: safety seats. Sadly, it is this single oversight that leads to the majority of automobile accident injuries and fatalities in children.

Automobile Accidents Leading Cause of Death Among Children

According to the safety organization, Safe Kids Worldwide, 373, 829 children aged 19 and under were injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2011. Automobile accidents also remain the number one cause of fatality in children between the ages of 1 and 19. At least 284 of those deaths (and even more injuries) might have been prevented, had a safety seat been properly used.

An Alarming Number of Parents Use Car Seats and Booster Seats Incorrectly

If a child safety seat is installed correctly and is used at all times, it can reduce the risk of a fatal injury by up to 71 percent in infants and as much as 54 percent in toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4. Yet critical misuse of these devices is thought to be somewhere around 73 percent, with infant seats being the most misused, followed by rear-facing convertible seats.

Safety Seats Really Do Save Lives

It is one thing to talk about how infant and child safety seats save lives; it is another to hear real cases in which proper safety restraint prevented serious injury or death. One such case recently occurred in Michigan during a single vehicle crash. The driver, a 34-year-old male, and a 32-year-old female passenger were both seriously injured. However, the children, a two-year-old and eight-month-old, were both strapped into safety seats at the time of the crash. Police officers were able to climb into the vehicle and rescue them, and neither sustained serious injuries during the crash.

Know How to Use a Safety Seat Properly

As scientists learn more about how crash injuries are sustained, rules and regulations regarding safety seats are updated. A prime example is the recommendation that children remain rear-facing until at least age two. However, none of this helps if the safety seat is not installed correctly. Refer to the safety seat's manual and, if necessary, seek help from your local police or fire department.

Serious Injury or Wrongful Death During an Accident? Seek Skilled Legal Help

Sadly, safety seats cannot prevent all serious injuries or deaths. As such, it is critical that parents know where to turn when an accident happens. [[title]] knows just how life-altering an automobile accident can be and we offer skilled, experienced, and comprehensive care to help you pursue the compensation needed to cover the resulting costs. To learn more about how we can help with your case, call 920-739-7366 and schedule your free initial consultation with our Appleton personal injury attorneys or Green Bay personal injury attorneys today.