Wisconsin whiplash injury lawyersWhiplash has not always been an issue. In fact, it was not until the early 1800s that medical professionals starting seeing such types of injuries. They were occurring in railway accidents – specifically ones in which the cars had been hit from behind. At first, practitioners thought the injuries were merely sprains, but the injuries were not healing like sprains to other parts of the body. With no real physical proof of the pain, the only answer they could come up with was that the forceful jarring had caused injury to the spine and tendons and muscles within the neck.

The Rise in Whiplash Injuries

As automobiles became the preferred mode of transportation and more accidents occurred, it became clear that the number of whiplash injuries that occurred each year was increasing. Healthcare professionals were still mystified by the injuries – especially those that did not heal within just a few weeks – but they could not dismiss the pain their patients were experiencing. Then, in 1995, the Quebec task force came up with a classification system for what medical professionals were now calling “whiplash injuries.”

Unfortunately, there are still many professionals that doubt the validity of whiplash injuries – particularly those of a chronic nature. Some have even gone so far as to claim that victims are “milking” the system. Yet, one only needs to examine the medical records of chronic whiplash sufferers to see that the pain is, in fact, real. Still, the mysterious nature of whiplash injuries puts victims at risk for reduced compensation in an accident settlement – and some may face an outright denial. For this reason, victims are encouraged to understand the risks involved with such claims and how to mitigate against them.

Fighting the Insurance Companies in a Whiplash Injury Claim

Whiplash injury victims rarely anticipate the complications that arise in an injury claim. To make matters worse, the injured, often out-of-work, and potentially traumatized individual may be accused of fraud. In such situations, a violation of the victim’s rights may occur, and their claim may be either reduced or denied. Thankfully, an experienced personal injury attorney can help by ensuring that the rights of the victim (including their right to pursue full and fair compensation) are safeguarded throughout the entire claims process.

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