Green Bay dangerous products lawyersConsumers have the right to expect reasonably safe products from manufacturers. What happens when manufacturers not only fail to meet that expectation but also cause intentional harm by continuing to sell unsafe products? Learn more, including how an experienced product liability lawyer can help with your defective consumer product case.

Gross Negligence in the Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to gross negligence in the manufacturing industry, and the continued sale of defective products, one does not have to look hard for an example. Takata allegedly knew of the defective airbags and even tried to cover it up, long before any deaths from the dangerous airbags had occurred. EpiPen manufacturers had reportedly received hundreds of complaints on their faulty medical devices but failed to investigate them. Remington, the manufacturer of one of the most popular gun manufacturers in America, has received much criticism over the last several years because of an allegedly defective trigger on one of their rifles.

Each company has a gift-wrapped excuse, a reason why the defect slipped through the cracks or was never fixed (of course, some do outright deny that a defect ever existed in the first place), but excuses are not justification. They do not erase the accountability factor – nor should they – especially when you consider just how much of an impact defective products have on the lives of consumers each year.

Examining the Impact of Product Defects

Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicate that more than 200 victims suffered an electrocution injury from a defective product. Of those, 70 ultimately died from their injuries. CPSC statistics also show that defective products resulted in a total of 361, 500 fires during 2014. In them, 11, 120 victims were injured and another 2, 420 died. Strangulation, carbon monoxide poisoning, and several other types of injuries are also common with defective products – and there are hundreds of thousands of them each year.

Your Rights After a Defective Product Death or Injury

The Consumer Safety Act was put in place to not only protect consumers but to also give them a form of recourse when manufacturers fail to provide reasonably safe products. That recourse includes a victim’s right to pursue compensation for any losses they may have experienced because of a defective product. Unfortunately, obtaining such compensation is a complex and difficult process. As such, victims are highly encouraged to seek legal assistance with their case.

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