Appleton products liability attorneys, connected devicesNow, more than ever, Americans are connected. At home. At work. On the road. They are accessing the Internet and all it has to offer, all day, every day. But what does all this connectivity mean and how does it affect our potential for identity theft or personal injury? Truth be told, business experts fear the worst.

Pervasiveness of the Internet Today

The Internet powers nearly everything today—wearables, cars, medical devices, smartphones, and so much more. Many of these devices store personal information, such as credit card numbers, locations we visit, and where we live. This opens Americans up to a great deal of vulnerability, especially when it comes to hackers and the information they may attempt to access. Of course, many Americans are aware of this risk, at least to some extent. Still, there are additional risks that device users may not have considered.

Connected Cars

Jeep managed to find themselves in the news after hackers were able to break into one of their vehicle's wifi system. Able to shut off the engine and tamper with the brakes and steering, the vehicle quickly crashed. Is this risk present with other vehicles?

To date, none have been named; however, more and more vehicles are being equipped with WiFi power to meet consumer demands. Each have potential weaknesses that could be putting drivers (and their families) at risk. It may be only a matter of time before those cracks in the system are discovered.

Home Security and HVAC Systems

Home security systems are, essentially, no brainers when it comes to the potential product liability risk—hackers may be able to access the system, shut it down, and create an opening for theft. Moreover, a hacker’s ability to shut off a security system could result in intruders entering a home and injuring or killing any occupants inside.

Other risks, such as a home's HVAC system, may not be as clear of a risk. Still, malfunction of the system could lead to serious costs for homeowners if temperatures drop low enough and cause pipes to burst or freeze.

Medical Equipment

Other connective devices might lead to a loss of money or property, but hacking or improper functioning of medical equipment could lead to loss of life. Unfortunately, one insulin pump, programed to give doses of medication at certain times, has already been hacked through a hospital network. The risk of other devices has yet to be investigated, but the Food and Drug Administration has already expressed their concerns over the risk of connective medical equipment.

The Pursuit of Cheaper Devices

Of course, this would not be America if we were not looking for the fastest, cheapest way to make more connective devices available to more people. Unfortunately, cheaper products often mean less scrutiny when it comes to the security and safety of the end-user.

Get Help with Your Product Liability Claim

When a product does not function as it should, and it causes injury or loss, victims may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, these claims are often complex and can be difficult to navigate. Therefore, instead of trying to go it alone, hire a personal injury attorney to ensure you have someone looking out for your best interest.

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