Appleton products liability attorney, dangerous baby productsAll manufacturing companies have the legal duty to design, produce, and sell products that are safe for consumer use. Even if the products are not safe under certain circumstances, the company must provide adequate warnings regarding the possible risks of the product. When a company fails to meet these legal duties, injured consumers can hold the company liable by filing a products liability claim in civil court.

Several types of products can be dangerous and cause injury, from motor vehicles to sports equipment to common household appliances. One of the most risky kinds of defective products, however, are those meant for babies and small children. Because of the relative vulnerability and helplessness of very small children, parents generally try to choose products as carefully as possible. Though you should be able to trust that your baby products will be safe, many products can malfunction and cause injury to your child or another member of your family. If this occurs, you should contact a Wisconsin products liability attorney as soon as possible.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission provides information regarding many types of potentially dangerous products, including the following:

Furniture – Parents often buy various types of furniture specifically for a child, including cribs, changing tables, high chairs and more. If these products malfunction and collapse, a child may fall to the floor and break bones, sustain head and brain trauma, or other serious injuries. Even if a child does not fall, he or she can become trapped and can be crushed or suffocated.

Toys – Certain toys are inappropriate for young children due to choking hazards, risks of suffocation, or other potential dangers that a child is too young to realize. For this reason, manufacturers should clearly label every toy package with the appropriate age group and any other applicable warnings. If a company fails to do so or mislabels a toy, the company should be held liable for any injuries sustained as a result.

Carriers – Child carriers come in several forms, including slings, backpacks, strollers, car seats and more. If a carrier is defective, a child often will fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries. Parents generally are unable to react quickly enough to prevent the fall and injuries.

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