dangerous products, Wisconsin Products Liability LawyerMost houses are filled with countless products that help make our lives easier, provide entertainment, and generally improve our life quality. Unfortunately, with the many benefits of consumer products also comes the risk of accidents and injuries right in our own homes. Research indicates that an estimated 34 million people suffer injuries due to accidents caused by defective or dangerous consumer products on an annual basis.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) aims to notify consumers of potentially dangerous products, foster recalls, and keep unnecessarily harmful products off the market. Despite CPSC efforts, manufacturers continue to make mistakes and defective products do make it onto the shelves and into our homes. Additionally, companies often fail to adequately warn consumers of possible risks of using a product. If someone in your household has sustained injuries due to a defective or improperly labeled product, the negligent manufacturer should be held responsible.

The following are some examples of household products that commonly lead to serious injuries:

Appliances: Large and small appliances such as stoves, blenders, ceiling fans, dryers, space heaters, and grills can be found in several areas throughout our homes. In order to properly operate, these appliances often have heat sources, sharp blades, and electrical systems—parts which can malfunction. If an appliance malfunctions, serious injuries such as burns, lacerations, or even severed digits may result.

Baby and Child Products: Babies and small children require a large number of products including cribs, high chairs, swings, changing tables, strollers, clothes and toys. While parents naturally want to choose the safest products, malfunctions can occur and cause serious injuries to small children. Additionally, toys for young children must be properly tested and labeled according to recommended age groups and must include a warning for possible choking hazards or other injuries.

Sports and Leisure: Families may own a variety of products intended for entertainment such as backyard games, bicycles, hot tubs, ATVs, and similar items and vehicles. These products all have the potential to be defective or dangerous and must have proper instructions for use as well as any applicable safety warnings. Any protective sports gear, such as bicycle helmets, must also provide the protection it promises.

Although manufacturers are expected to recall defective products, injuries can occur prior to an official recall announcement. The CPSC provides up-to-date recall information on its website and instructions to follow pending a product in your home is deemed defective or dangerous.

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