Green Bay auto accident lawyersOf all the issues that auto accident victims face, concern over how they will pay their medical bills will be paid while they await a complete settlement from the negligent driver’s insurance company can be some of the most crippling – and rightly so. In even the best of situations, the bills can far exceed any amount of money that the victim might expect to earn on their own. Thankfully, injured parties may have recourse through an auto accident claim. Learn more in the following sections, including how the assistance of a seasoned, competent lawyer can increase your chances of receiving full and fair compensation. 

Handling Medical Expenses Immediately After an Accident

In the weeks and months following an accident, victims are often trying to recover from their injuries. During this time, they may be out of work and unable to cover even their basic cost of living, let alone their medical expenses. However, it is important to note that emergency rooms are not able to turn patients away, based on their ability to pay. What is more, the victim may be able to submit a claim to their health insurance company for coverage. Victims may also have medical pay coverage on their own auto policies, or workers compensation benefits if they were injured while on the job.  Just keep in mind that these options can be difficult. In such cases, you may be responsible for covering the medical bills out-of-pocket.

To meet their financial obligations after an auto accident, victims sometimes turn to family and friends for help, perhaps through online donations or by simply asking for assistance. Some attempt to set up payment arrangements, despite being unable to return to work. Others have the ability to borrow against their savings, or they may sell off items of value. Whatever you end up doing, ensure you save all receipts for payments made and retain copies of your bills, as these can help increase your chances of receiving full and fair compensation in an accident claim.

Obtaining Compensation for Medical Expenses

Auto accident victims are owed compensation for all of their damages, including their medical expenses. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to prey on the fears of crash victims by offering a speedy settlement that is usually far less than they are owed. For this reason, it is highly recommended that injured parties avoid talking with the insurance companies on their own. Instead, they are encouraged to seek legal representation as soon as possible to ensure their right to full and fair compensation is fully protected, right from the very start.

Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd. understands just how stressful things can get when the medical bills start coming in, so we work hard to ensure you achieve a full but quick settlement. Yet, when a speedy recovery is not in your best interest, we work with you to develop a long-term plan. Schedule your free consultation with our Green Bay car crash lawyers to get started. Call 920-739-7366 today.