Wisconsin distracted driving accident lawyersDistracted driving may not be a new issue, but its growth since the development of mobile devices has brought a new awareness to this deadly driving behavior. 

In fact, a recent analysis of 1.4 million copies of police records from Ohio State University determined that almost half of all crashes within the state involved a distracted driver. Although that analysis was conducted in another state, national statistics indicate that distracted driving deaths are a serious problem throughout the entire country. Wisconsin’s distracted driver death rate falls somewhere around 16 percent, according to the most recent data (2014). 

Some say the deaths and accidents are declining, thanks to all the law changes and public announcements, but many scientists disagree. In fact, they worry that the problem is only going to get worse. 

Distracted Driving Death Rates – Rising, Dropping, or Staying Steady?

Some analyses have determined that the distracted driver death toll is dropping, buy the study from Ohio State University suggests that this may be nothing more than a fluke or a temporary dip. Statistical analyses, like those done by the NHTSA, only examine the hard data. For example, they might examine the number of crashes in a given year, and how many of those were ultimately linked to distracted driving. However, they may only look at the most commonly discussed form of distraction (cell phone use), rather than distraction in all its forms. 

That is how the Ohio State study is different. Instead of focusing on phones, it examined human behavior and our inability to fully concentrate when behind the wheel. People were caught doing everything from applying makeup and watching videos on their cell phone to simply daydreaming or changing the station on their radio. All have the ability to lead to an accident – and that leads to yet another issue. 

Distracted Driving Can Increase the Risk of Severe Injuries in a Crash

In addition to determining that at least half of all drivers engage in some sort of distracting behavior while behind the wheel, the study also found that distracted driving accidents can increase the severity of a crash. Much of this is related to the fact that the driver may not see the obstacle up ahead – in time, or even at all – and that can limit their ability to respond appropriately to the situation. For example, a driver who does not see a deer in the road may swerve once they hit it, placing them in the line of oncoming traffic. Had they seen the deer, they could have prepared for the impact, instead of surprised when it occurred.  

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