Appleton hit-and-run accident attorneys, drunk driving, hit-and-run crashesOver the last few years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has tracked an increasing number of hit-and-run accidents in the United States. Some of these accidents are caused by young drivers or those who do not have a license or the proper insurance. However, the biggest contributing factor is thought to be alcohol. And the problem is a lot bigger than most people realize.

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Hit-and-Run Accidents

When a hit-and-run driver flees the scene, it is typically because he or she fears the potential consequences. In some cases, this may simply be due to a younger driver who is shocked and alarmed by the scenario. But in most cases, the accident involves a driver who knows that he or she should not have been driving. This is particularly true for intoxicated drivers, who already have impaired judgement skills because of their high blood alcohol content. Moreover, there are those drivers who are so intoxicated that it may not even fully register that they have caused an accident.

Alarming Statistics on Drunk Driving

On any given day, there are as many as 300, 000 drunk drivers on the road, yet only 3, 200 will be arrested. An alarming percentage of these drivers are repeat offenders who have either driven drunk before and have not yet been caught, have been convicted of a DUI and are driving on a suspended license, or are somehow violating the reinstatement terms of their license (i.e. driving a car that does not contain an interlock device).

Pedestrians Make Up the Bulk of Deaths

What is most concerning about the upward trend of hit-and-run accidents is that an alarming number of the victims are pedestrians. In fact, of the 1, 449 fatal hit-and-run crashes that took place in 2011 (up from 1, 274 in 2009), 60 percent involved the death of a pedestrian. Still, even in instances where the victim is another driver, excessive speed, unexpected movements, and failure to follow traffic signals greatly increase the odds of the drunk driver causing severe injury or fatality.

Victim of a Hit-and-Run and/or Drunk Driving Accident? Our Attorneys Can Help

While no amount of money can ever give a victim or his or her family back what was lost, ensuring that medical bills, final expenses, long-term care, or loss of income are compensated for can be helpful. Unfortunately, insurance companies often attempt to minimize those costs and the impact that they can have on your life. [[title]] provides compassionate legal representation and will protect your rights and best interests. Get the help you need. Call 920-739-7366 and schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced Appleton hit-and-run accident attorneys or Green Bay hit-and-run accident attorneys today.