Appleton car crash lawyersBecause it is associated with holidays, family, and outdoor fun, fall is a considered a beautiful and joyous time of year by most people. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous – just as dangerous, sometimes, as the winter. Learn how you can protect your family from potential injury this fall by examining some of the biggest season-related driving dangers, and how to avoid them. You shall also learn what you can do, should you become the victim of a car crash.

Be on Watch for Wildlife

Statistics from the animal advocacy group, PETA, indicate that about 1 in 100 drivers hit a deer at some point in their life. As we head into fall, the risk of seeing and experiencing an accident with one increases by more than three-fold. That is because we are heading into the mating season, when deer become more active. Watch closely for them during early morning and late evening hours (dawn and dusk), and be more alert when you know there are nearby bodies of water.

Mind the Weather

Weather can be unpredictable in fall – cold and wet one minute, then windy but sunny the next. Then it seems that, all at once, the leaves start to fall. Unfortunately, all that debris and wetness can make for some pretty dangerous road hazards. Fog may also start to settle in areas with a lot of moisture, or around bodies of water, and that can limit your visibility. So, if you are going to be driving around this fall, please remember to slow down and mind the weather.

Kids Love Fall Too!

For kids, fall is a time for outdoor sports, raking lawns for money, riding bicycles, and spending time with friends. It is also a time when they are active, going to and from activities, games, and events. Drivers should try to be mindful of them as they make their daily commute, especially as they enter school zones. Furthermore, parents are encouraged to protect their young drivers, walkers, and bicyclers by reviewing the rules of the road with them.

If an Accident Happens to You

Individuals who have been the victim of negligence may be eligible for compensation after a car crash. Unfortunately, pursuing a claim can be an arduous and complex process. Furthermore, insurance companies often attempt to deny or reduce their payout. As such, victims are encouraged to seek experienced legal assistance.

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