Green Bay auto accident injury lawyersFacial scarring and disfigurement are some of the most common types of auto accident-related injuries. They can also have a significant physical, financial, and psychological impact on the life of a victim. In fact, some individuals are scarred so bad that they are uncomfortable leaving their own home. Thankfully, injured victims may have options to help them recover from the devastating effects of a facial disfigurement injury. Learn more in the following sections. 

The Toll of a Facial Disfigurement Injury 

Victims who suffer from facial disfigurement often go through an identity crisis. They may no longer recognize their own face, which may make them self-conscious. Just talking about the accident can be traumatizing, and since people may ask what happened or perhaps stare, individuals may suffer from extreme social anxiety that impedes their ability to work or interact with members of their community. As a result, they may start to experience social isolation and they may lose touch with people they love and care about. 

Facial injuries can also alter speech patterns, and there may be other injuries or complications associated with the accident, such as traumatic brain injury, frequent sinus infections, or constant pain. Victims may also require multiple surgeries to achieve only minor improvements to their appearance or facial structure, and even though facial implants are now being performed, the approval process for the intervention can be lengthy and expensive. 

Pursuing Compensation After a Facial Disfigurement Injury

If you or someone you love has suffered facial disfigurement because of an auto accident or another fault-related incident, compensation may be owed. Damages that may be included in each case may vary, but some of the most commonly received include compensation for:

  • Past and future pain and suffering,
  • Past and future psychological damages,
  • Past and future medical expenses,
  • Past and future loss of earning potential,
  • Past and future loss of wages,
  • Travel costs for medical treatment,
  • Adaptive equipment costs, and
  • Scarring or disfigurement. 

Unfortunately, the process for obtaining such compensation can be both lengthy and complex, and victims are often at a significant disadvantage – partly because they are trying to recover and heal, but also because the insurance companies work hard to reduce their payout to injured victims. Thankfully, victims can increase the chances of receiving full and fair compensation while also reducing their stress by ensuring they have skilled, competent legal assistance, right from the very start. 

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