Appleton auto accident lawyersCar accidents can be a frightening experience. Unfortunately, adrenaline, fear, and possibly even a misplaced sense of fault or regret – all normal byproducts of an accident – can get in the way of your personal injury case. Learn how to maintain your composure and discover the five things you should never do after a car accident with help from the following information.

Assume the Damage is Minor

While, at first glance, an accident may appear to be just a fender bender, there could be hidden damage to your vehicle. Furthermore, you yourself may be injured, despite not feeling any pain immediately after the accident. So, no matter what you do after an accident, never assume the damage is minor. Take your car to a mechanic and visit a physician as soon as possible.

Fail to Document the Scene

All too often, victims believe that the police or an investigator will document the scene of the accident. However, this is not always the case. As such, victims are highly encouraged to document the scene themselves. Take photos of any damage, positioning of the vehicles, and any damage to other property. You are also encouraged to talk to witnesses at the scene (just be sure to collect names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses).

Apologize for the Accident

It is a normal reaction – to apologize immediately after an accident – even when you are not at fault. Unfortunately, doing this can seriously damage your personal injury case. It could be interpreted as an admission of fault and, in severe cases, could reduce or even invalidate your settlement. So, even if you believe you may be at least partially to blame, do not apologize.

Delay Filing Your Claim

Personal injury cases are highly time-sensitive, and they must be completed before the statute of limitations runs out. As such, victims are encouraged to start the claims process as soon as possible. This may require you to get an estimate on the cost of repairs to your vehicle. You will need to keep receipts and bills related to any of your losses or expenses (i.e. medical expenses, physical therapy, etc.).

Fail to Hire an Attorney

Although it might be tempting to skip the attorney so you can try and save money on your claim, you may actually lose more than you would save. Attorneys can protect your rights and negotiate a fair settlement. Furthermore, an attorney can actually ease the claims process by handling all the legal aspects of your case; this can ensure that you and your loved ones have the time and energy you need to heal and cope after the accident.

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