Appleton product liability attorneys, hair product causing hair lossThere are hundreds of different types of hair products on the market, all of which work in varying degrees. However, there is one product that has recently come under fire after causing alleged baldness in more than 200 women. The company is also facing claims for allegedly blocking negative comments about their alleged dangerous products on Facebook and in online reviews.

Wen Products and Alleged Baldness

Wen products, which are supposed to replace ordinary shampoo and conditioner, are comprised of water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol. These are all commonly used ingredients in hair care products. However, Wen also contains the chemical hydroxycitronella—a chemical which has been banned in the EU. It is this particular ingredient that many are attributing to the hair loss.

According to a chemist hired to test the product, Wen works more like a lotion than a shampoo. This allegedly causes issues when attempting to wash the product out. Bit by bit, it allegedly impacts into the follicle, clogging it and leads to hair loss and baldness.

Removal and Blocking of Complaints

According to those going up against Wen products, the company has intentionally blocked negative comments and reviews online. The company is also being accused of inaccurate charges and unauthorized auto-shipments of their products to customers that did not want any more.

Wen Denies any Link between Product and Hair Loss

In a statement given to BuzzFeed, Wen denied any issues with their products. They claim it works just as it should, that there is no scientific evidence to suggest otherwise, and that they have had an overwhelmingly positive response from their customers. They also deny any manipulation of comments or reviews of their products.

Claims Expected to be Difficult to Prove

Unfortunately, baldness can be caused by a number of factors. Experts believe this will make winning a suit against Wen extremely difficult. Even more difficult will be the gathering of scientific evidence that may indicate whether or not the product even has the potential to cause long-term hair loss. Of course, this is not unlike many other defective product lawsuits—many are extremely difficult to pursue. For this reason, it is suggested that anyone wishing to file a claim hire an experienced defective products attorney.

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