Wisconsin distracted driving accident lawyerTraffic deaths have increased sharply, drastically, and quickly over the past half-century. Much of the increase can be traced back to cell phone use behind the wheel. Even more concerning is that the rate continues to rise, despite the numerous campaigns, laws, and initiatives. The problem is not that drivers fail to recognize the risk. In fact, studies reveal that most drivers do know that cell phone use is unsafe. The problem is finding a way to actually deter and disconnect them from their devices. California believes they may have the answer, and if you drive in California, traffic laws in that state apply to you.

No Phones Allowed

While most states (46) have provisions in place that prohibit texting while driving, only 14 have laws that explicitly ban the use of cellphones behind the wheel. California is taking it one step further. They are completely banning even touching or handling a cell phone while driving. You cannot check the time. You cannot pull up your map application. You cannot even hold it in your hand. Period. They hope that it will work to reduce their distracted driving problem. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

Understanding Wisconsin’s Cell Phone Laws

Wisconsin is one of the many states that officially bans texting while driving. However, the use of a cell phone for other activities is not explicitly banned, except for drivers with a probationary license or instruction permit. Last year, a new law did prohibit the use of cell phones within a construction zone, except in the case of emergencies, but Wisconsin’s law is far from as restrictive as the one recently passed in California. As such, drivers must be that much more diligent about their own safety while on the road. They must know how to practice effective defensive driving, and they must know when to fight back if an accident does occur.

When a Distracted Driving Accident Happens to You

Victims who are injured in a distracted driving accident have the right to pursue full and fair compensation for any losses they experience. This includes payment for their medical expenses, lost time at work, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and more. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always treat victims fairly, and they may even attempt to reduce or eliminate their payout by blaming the victim. Fight back with experienced legal assistance.

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