high-speed chases-Wisconsin, Wisconsin Car Accident AttorneyA 27-year-old Waukesha man was arrested for a dangerous high-speed chase that ended with his vehicle crashing into an animal hospital in New Berlin. Another man was arrested for leading police on a high-speed pursuit through the Twin Cities' suburbs—a chase that resulted in crashes with three other vehicles.

High-speed pursuits such as these recent incidents are extremely dangerous for the suspects and police officers involved. However, they are also pose danger to innocent bystanders, pedestrians, and property owners. High-speed crashes often lead to catastrophic injuries and loss of life, as well as massive property damage for all of the parties involved.

High-Speed Chase Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, high-speed chases kill on average 365 people and at least 150 innocent bystanders per year. Because vehicular police pursuit crashes do not have mandatory reporting requirements, these statistics are believed to be very low estimates. In fact, it is believed that the number is most likely two or three times the estimated value.

Such pursuits can result in fiery crashes, catastrophic injuries and death. Additionally, almost 40 percent of such pursuits end in an accident. Yet, despite the dangers, high-speed pursuits are often initiated for low-level crimes. More than 91 percent of high-speed chases are for non-violent crimes. Traffic violations (42.3 percent), stolen vehicles (18.2 percent), and drunk driving (14.9 percent) make up the top three reasons why police engage in a vehicle pursuit—not violent crimes.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for drivers to anticipate, hear, or know which way a high-speed pursuit is coming. This is because it is hard for drivers to hear from which direction a siren is coming, ultimately providing them minimal time to react. The results, though, are deadly. If a car going 100 miles per hour hits an individual, the force of the crash is equal to that of a 2, 000-pound object dropping off a 30-story building.

Chances of survival are slim and the damage to property is substantial. Life-long injuries and burns, astronomical medical bills and rehabilitation costs, and extensive property damage are common problems bystanders face after being harmed in high-speed pursuits.

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