Green Bay auto accident lawyersAmericans are always on the go, and they often find themselves lacking in sleep. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increased risk of accident, particularly for those that spend a lot of time driving. This is because, after a while, the brain can become distracted and can result in an almost hypnotic like state. Experts refer to this phenomenon as highway hypnosis. What is it, and how might it affect you, even if you do not drive drowsy or for long periods of time? The following explains, and provides some important information for car accident victims.

Drowsy Driving/Highway Hypnosis

A 2005 study from the National Sleep Foundation determined that around 60 percent of all drivers (about 168 million people) drive when they are drowsy. More than one-third of those drivers admitted to falling asleep while behind the wheel, and about four percent of those that dozed off admitted to either experiencing an accident or a near-miss accident while falling asleep behind the wheel.

For some of these drowsy drivers, the solution is simple: get more sleep and avoid driving when tired. However, there are others that may suffer from other conditions. Sleep apnea, which causes one to momentarily stop breathing while sleeping, is just one condition that can affect a driver’s overall quality of sleep and cause excessive drowsiness. Highway hypnosis, which can happen to a driver, even when they are not extremely tired, is another. It can happen, simply because the driver is fatigued from the mental energy needed to maintain focus while behind the wheel, which can then cause drowsiness.

Understanding the Risks and How It May Affect You

Highway hypnosis and drowsy driving can affect you, even if you are not driving long distances or driving while sleepy. Other drivers, who may fall asleep behind the wheel or become less aware of their surroundings, can put you at risk. Even more concerning is that large vehicle drivers – semi drivers and construction vehicle drivers – that are most prone to drowsy driving and highway hypnosis. Given the size of their vehicles, and the potential magnitude of the damage they can cause in a crash, this is an issue that all road users should be aware of. Further, victims should know how to pursue compensation, should they or someone they love experience and accident.

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