appleton car accident lawyerWhen motor vehicles collide, or when a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist is struck by a car or truck, multiple types of serious injuries can occur. Many injuries, such as cuts and lacerations, are immediately noticeable, and a victim can ensure that they receive the proper treatment. However, internal injuries may not be as immediately obvious. When a person suffers damage to their internal organs, they are likely to be affected in multiple ways, and these injuries may even threaten their life. By understanding the symptoms and effects of internal injuries and working with an experienced attorney, victims can take steps to make sure they will receive the compensation they deserve.

Types of Internal Injuries

Internal injuries may be caused by blunt trauma, in which an object strikes a person’s body with significant force, or penetrating trauma, in which a foreign object punctures the skin and causes damage to the underlying tissues and organs. Some internal injuries that can occur in car accidents include:

  • Liver injuries – If the liver is crushed or damaged by significant force or suffers lacerations due to penetrating trauma, a person may experience severe hemorrhaging of blood. Bile may also leak into the abdominal cavity, damaging other organs and tissues. Severe injuries may lead to liver failure, which can cause problems such as jaundice, a buildup of fluid in the brain, blood disorders, and infections. In some cases, surgery may be performed to repair damage to the liver, while in others, a liver transplant may be necessary.
  • Spleen injuries – A forceful blow during a car accident can result in a ruptured spleen, leading to life-threatening blood loss. Damage to the spleen may be corrected through surgery, or some or all of the spleen may need to be removed. Since the spleen helps prevent infections, a person who experiences loss of function of the spleen may need to take additional measures to reduce the risks of common infectious diseases.
  • Kidney injuries – Damage to the kidneys can affect a person’s ability to remove waste products from their bloodstream. If a person experiences kidney damage or kidney failure, they may need to undergo dialysis regularly. Kidney injuries also increase the chances of strokes and heart disease. 
  • Lung injuries – Trauma can cause damage to the lungs in multiple ways, including when a broken rib penetrates the lung or when an injury results in air leaking from the lungs into the chest cavity. These injuries can affect a person’s ability to breathe and process oxygen, and a lack of oxygen can result in permanent damage to the brain or other parts of the body.
  • Internal bleeding – Hemorrhaging of blood due to damage to internal organs or other forms of trauma can lead to swelling in the abdomen, loss of blood pressure, seizures, loss of consciousness, or death. If bleeding is severe, surgery may be needed to correct the issue, and a person may need a blood transfusion or other interventions to address the loss of blood.

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