Appleton drowsy driving car accident lawyerOn Friday, March 22, 2019, a Prarie du Chein man was lucky to survive after he drifted off the road and crashed his vehicle into a guardrail. After the accident, which occurred in Wisconsin’s Beetown Township, the driver was rushed to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. According to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, the man lost control of his vehicle after falling asleep at the wheel. Today, drowsy driving is one of the leading highway safety concerns throughout the United States. If you or a family member suffer injuries in a motor vehicle collision involving a drowsy driver, contact a knowledgeable attorney today. 

Drowsy Driving in the United States 

Falling asleep at the wheel can come with disastrous consequences. If your vehicle is traveling at speeds in excess of 55 mph, falling asleep for even five seconds is the equivalent of driving 100 yards with your eyes closed. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, more than 5, 000 Americans were killed in accidents involving drowsy drivers in 2015 alone. In that time span, 109, 000 people suffered injuries that required hospitalization due to the negligence of drowsy drivers. The next time you get behind the wheel, make sure that you are well-rested. If you are traveling long distances, do not push yourself past your limits. Taking a nap at a rest stop or staying in a hotel can ultimately save a life. 

Commercial Trucking and Drowsy Driving 

While any American can fall asleep at the wheel, commercial truck drivers are consistently cited for drowsy driving. Despite federally mandated regulations that state that commercial truckers are only allowed to drive for a maximum of 11 hours consecutively, many drivers break these rules in order to deliver cargo on time. In some cases, a company will ask their drivers to falsify their driving logs in order to ensure that orders are delivered in a timely fashion. Due to the size and weight of most commercial trucks, falling asleep at the wheel can come with deadly consequences. If a member of your family is injured in a commercial truck accident, our attorneys can investigate the accident to determine whether the driver or trucking company were acting in a negligent manner. 

Contact an Appleton Car Accident Attorney 

Despite the life-threatening consequences of drowsy driving, over 20% of American drivers admit that they have fallen asleep at the wheel within the past year. Drowsy driving is just one form of reckless driving that endangers everyone who uses the road. If your family has been affected by a car accident that was caused by any form of reckless driving, you should act quickly to ensure that the negligent parties are held responsible. At Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd., we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family secure the injury compensation you need. To schedule a free initial meeting with a Green Bay personal injury lawyer, contact us today by calling 920-739-7366.