wisconsin accident lawyersMany different types of driver negligence can lead to car accidents. Often, collisions occur because drivers violate traffic laws or fail to pay attention to the road fully. However, some accidents are caused by drivers who behave aggressively or even intentionally harm others. In these cases, victims may be able to take legal action to hold a driver responsible for injuries that occurred because of aggressive driving or road rage.

The Differences Between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

A person may drive aggressively if they are running late and believe they are justified in breaking the law in order to get to their destination on time. Drivers may also act aggressively because they feel that the laws do not apply to them. They may believe that they are more highly skilled than other drivers, or they may not care about protecting other people’s safety.

Aggressive driving can involve a variety of unsafe behaviors. A driver may tailgate behind vehicles that they believe are driving too slowly, or they may weave in and out of traffic and cut off other vehicles in an attempt to get ahead. They may commit a variety of other types of traffic violations, such as running red lights, passing other vehicles illegally, or changing lanes without using turn signals. All of these behaviors can increase the risks that a driver will collide with other vehicles.

When a person experiences stress, frustration, or anger, aggressive driving can escalate into road rage. In these situations, a person will often act intentionally against others they believe have disrespected or offended them. A person may cut people off by pulling in front of them and slowing down or tailgate behind them while honking their horn, making rude gestures, or shouting and swearing. In some cases, a person may even intentionally harm someone else by ramming or sideswiping their car, forcing them off the road, or attacking them in other ways. Aggressive driving and road rage can significantly increase the chances of dangerous motor vehicle collisions. Drivers who disobey traffic laws by speeding, tailgating, passing illegally, or running red lights may be unable to avoid colliding with other vehicles, or they may act in a way that causes multiple other drivers to collide with each other.

Challenges with Claims Related to Aggressive Driving

Aggressive drivers may be held liable for acting negligently or unsafely, and victims may also pursue compensation for injuries that were intentionally inflicted by a driver in cases involving road rage.

Unfortunately, if a driver behaves in an intentionally irresponsible or aggressive manner, it can create issues with that conduct being excluded from insurance coverage. If you’ve been injured by conduct like this, it is very important to talk to an experienced lawyer to understand whether there is recourse available to you.

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