Appleton motorcycle accident lawyersStatistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) show that over 4, 000 motorcyclists lose their lives each year. Thousands more experience serious injuries, some of which lead to short-term or long-term disability. What are the most common injuries, and what recourse do victims and their families have if a motorcycle accident results in a fatality or severe injury? The following explains further and provides you with details on finding assistance with your claim.

Most Commonly Experienced Injuries

Head injuries tend to be more common and severe among non-helmeted riders; they are also more likely to result in fatal injuries. Such injuries may include everything from fractures in the facial bones or skull to head lacerations and traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, helmet use is not always effective at preventing severe or fatal injuries. In fact, data suggests that helmets are only 37 percent effective at preventing fatal injuries, and only about 67 percent effective at preventing head injuries. Furthermore, although insurance companies often try to use the failure to use a helmet as a defense to an injury claim, Wisconsin Statutes prohibit the reduction of damages for the failure of a licensed motorcycle operator to operate without a helmet.

The continued risk of serious or fatal injury, despite helmet use, is related to the lack of protection for other major body parts. At greatest risk are the trunk and spine, but limbs and feet are also at an extremely high risk for severe injury. Examples of the most common injuries not related to helmet use include:

  • Internal organ injuries,

  • Spinal injuries,

  • Pelvic bone fractures,

  • Long bone fractures,

  • Injuries to the feet and legs,

  • Severance of limbs, and

  • Internal bleeding.

When Injuries Cause Disability or Fatality

Injuries sustained by motorcycle riders that result in fatality or short- or long-term disability can leave entire families at risk for financial devastation. The risk is even further elevated when the rider is a main provider within the home. In such situations, it is critical that victims and their families understand their rights, including the right to pursue full and fair compensation.

Pursuing Compensation After a Crash

Although victims have the right to pursue claims on their own, often people don’t realize the laws that relate to their rights prove, not just their right to recover, but also the extent of the damages that they are entitled to recover as well.  On top of that, insurance companies often offer significantly less money for people who do not have an attorney. For most cases, hiring an attorney is in the best interest of the victim. Not only can this give the family the time and room they need to heal or grieve, but it can also increase their chance of receiving a full and fair settlement. An attorney can also reduce the risk of denied or delayed claims.

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