Green Bay auto accident attorneysWhen one purchases insurance, they believe their insurance company will cover them in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, what most people do not realize is that insurance companies routinely do all they can to reduce and deny insurance claims. In fact, a recent reporting from the L.A. Times indicates that they are now going so far as to use cell phone tower data against their consumers – and in some cases, they are even pressing charges for fraud. Learn more about the way they are misusing information against their consumers, and what you can do about it if an auto accident happens to you or someone you love.

Woman Endures a Three-Year Fight and Criminal Charges

For three years, an Iowa woman fought against her insurance company, trying to get her claim paid after her home burned down. During that time, she also fought criminal charges for insurance fraud and arson. The reason? Her insurance company used cell phone data to pinpoint her location at the time of the fire and then accused her of lying about her location and starting the fire herself. Though ultimately acquitted of her charges, and despite finally receiving a payout for her claim after three years, her life was upended, all because she filed a claim against her homeowner’s insurance policy.

Stolen Cars and Cell Phone Tower Data

The Iowa woman is not the only case of consumer abuse. There is also a couple from California, fighting charges of fraud, after reporting their car stolen. Their insurance company says their cell phones pinged off towers near where their vehicle was finally found, so the couple is being accused of setting up the theft. They say they were nowhere near the area (the wife was allegedly at home and the husband was allegedly at a mall). Another California couple gave up on their claim after the insurance company threatened to press charges for fraud. Their truck was stolen and they, too, had cell phone tower data to allegedly suggest they were involved.

Insurance Companies Acting Unethically

Cell phone tower data might seem like irrefutable evidence, but there are attorneys dedicated to exonerating individuals that were convicted on cell phone tower data. Cell phone calls do not always ping to the nearest tower. In fact, someone could make the same call from the same location and still get routed to a completely different tower. That is why the Iowa woman was acquitted; she and her attorney provided evidence showing the different places her cell phone had pinged over just a short time-period, despite her being in the same location (at a campsite with her husband) the entire time.

In short, the evidence that insurance companies are using to press charges against their customers and deny accident claims is unreliable. Their use of that unreliable evidence and decision to threaten customers with criminal charges is unethical. Thankfully, victims can (and should) protect themselves and their claims with the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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