Appleton brain injury lawyersEach year, some 2.8 million people suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Of those, about 50, 000 die from their injuries. Often, this is related to intracranial pressure, or swelling of the brain. Scientists and clinical researchers now believe that intracranial pressure monitoring may help reduce the risk of fatality among severe TBI victims. Learn more about this treatment, such as the potential prognosis for severe TBI victims, and how an attorney can help you recover the compensation that you and your loved ones deserve.

More on Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

Intracranial pressure monitoring is a process in which doctors carefully monitor any swelling within the brain. Though not correlated with an improved outcome for severe patients, study authors recently found that it can reduce the risk of mortality. In some instances, this may be all that is needed to ensure the victim makes a full recovery. In others, however, the victim may still suffer from cognitive losses, memory losses, and perhaps even personality changes or severe disability. In the latter case, victims and their families may be owed compensation for those losses (as well as any costs that are associated with those losses).

Pursuing Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury

To be considered eligible for compensation in a traumatic brain injury case, the victim must have experienced some form of negligence that caused their injury. For example, a TBI sufferer who experienced a car accident may be entitled to compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurance (or their own insurance if the other driver was uninsured). Some work injury cases, such as those involving third-party negligence, may also be owed a settlement. Losses that may be covered under that compensation can include:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Medical expenses,
  • Hospital bills,
  • Death of a loved one,
  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy costs,
  • Projected future treatment costs, and
  • Disability or loss of income.

For an analysis of your case, and to determine if you or your loved one is eligible for a personal injury lawsuit, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for assistance.

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