A car accident can be devastating at any time of the year. Collisions between vehicles can cause drivers or passengers to suffer multiple types of serious injuries that may lead to issues such as large medical bills, temporary or permanent disabilities, and a great deal of pain and emotional trauma. As drivers in Wisconsin know, the risks of car accidents are often greater during the winter, and conditions on the roads can make it more likely that drivers will lose control and collide with other vehicles or pedestrians. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents, and while this practice is always risky, it can be even more dangerous during winter weather.

Risks of Distracted Driving in the Winter

There are many distractions that may lead drivers to take their eyes off the road or divert their attention from driving. The use of cell phones and electronic devices can be particularly dangerous, since this will often cause drivers to look away from the road, take at least one hand off the wheel as they make calls or read and respond to text messages, and put a significant portion of their mental energy toward non-driving activities. However, other distractions can also be dangerous, and they may include making adjustments to a vehicle’s radio, eating and drinking, reaching for objects on a vehicle’s seats or floors, having conversations with passengers, or turning around to check on children in the backseat.

When combined with the risks that affect drivers during the winter months, distracted driving can be especially dangerous. During cold weather, a driver’s ability to control their vehicle will be affected, especially where there is snow or ice on the road. The amount of time needed to slow down and come to a stop will increase in these conditions, and distractions may affect a driver’s ability to avoid a collision. Distracted drivers may follow other vehicles too closely, which may lead to rear-end collisions if another vehicle slows down suddenly. Distractions may also cause drivers to lose control in other ways, such as by going into a skid if they are traveling too quickly when they go around a turn.

Winter weather can also lead to reduced visibility, requiring drivers to pay close attention to ensure that they can avoid collisions. During snowstorms, foggy weather, or other low-visibility conditions, failure to pay attention to the road may affect a driver’s ability to see and avoid other vehicles or pedestrians. A driver may also struggle to see clearly due to the buildup of snow or ice on their vehicle’s windows, and windows can easily become fogged while a person is driving. Distractions may cause a person to fail to take the necessary measures to address these issues, further reducing their ability to see and respond to what is happening on the road around them.

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