Green Bay, WI springtime car accident lawyerDangerous motor vehicle accidents can take place at any time of year. However, while drivers may be aware of the risks that they face due to inclement weather conditions during the winter, they may not realize that driving during the spring can also be dangerous. This may be especially true in 2021; while fewer vehicles have been on the road over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rollout of vaccines and the lifting of restrictions will likely mean that more people will be looking to travel and spend time outdoors. Drivers will want to understand the potential causes of springtime car accidents, and victims of these collisions will need to work with an attorney to determine how they can hold a negligent driver responsible for their injuries and damages.

Common Reasons for Springtime Auto Accidents

In addition to the higher numbers of vehicles on the road, collisions can take place during the spring because of:

  • Drowsy driving – The shift to daylight saving time that occurs every spring can disrupt people’s sleep schedules, making it more likely that they will struggle with drowsiness while they are behind the wheel. On average, the week following the “spring forward” time change sees a 6% increase in fatal car accidents throughout the United States.
  • Intoxicated drivers – With the warmer weather, and the lessening of COVID fears, more people will likely be gathering at bars, restaurants, picnics, ball games, parties, backyard barbecues, etc. and consuming alcohol or using drugs and then operating vehicles, thus increasing the risk of car crashes and accidents.
  • Weather conditions – While people are often aware of snowy or icy conditions during the winter, they may not be prepared for sudden weather changes during the spring. Temperatures can shift unexpectedly, leaving drivers unprepared for snowstorms or “black ice.” Major storms can also affect road safety, with rainstorms leading to limited visibility, reduced traction, or flooding on the roads.
  • More pedestrians and bicyclists – As the weather warms up, more people will be spending time outdoors, especially after being stuck at home during the pandemic. Drivers will need to be aware of people on foot or those who ride bicycles on or near the road. Distracted or reckless driving may cause drivers to collide with pedestrians or cyclists and inflict serious injuries.
  • Construction zones – Warmer weather provides construction crews with the opportunity to perform repairs to roads that were damaged during the winter or make improvements to highways and intersections. Drivers should be sure to follow posted speed limits in construction zones, and they should take care to drive safely around construction workers and equipment.

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