green bay car accident lawyerIn many cases, car accidents occur because of driver negligence. When a driver violates traffic laws or fails to act safely, they may be held liable for injuries experienced by others who are involved in a collision. However, accidents can also occur for other reasons, including roads that were dangerous due to poor design or disrepair. In these cases, victims can work with an attorney to determine who was responsible for the failure and explore the legal options available. The injured person may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, and mrore.

Accidents Caused by Improper Road Design or Lack of Maintenance

Drivers may encounter dangerous roads, highways, and intersections in any location. However, rural roads and highways are often more likely to be in a state of disrepair. Rural roads are also more likely to have dangerous intersections without traffic signs or signals. Regardless of the location, there are many situations where accidents can occur because of dangerous roads, including:

  • A road’s shoulder may be too narrow, or guardrails may be missing or damaged, increasing the chances that a vehicle’s tires will leave the pavement, which can result in rollover accidents.
  • The on-ramps or off-ramps of a highway or freeway may be too short, causing traffic to back up, which may result in collisions if drivers need to slow down suddenly.
  • Low bridges or underpasses may not have signs warning drivers about height restrictions, which can lead to accidents for trucks or other large vehicles.
  • A highway may not have a median or barrier that prevents drivers from straying into oncoming traffic, and this may result in head-on collisions.
  • A road may have faded or missing traffic lines, markings, or reflectors, causing vehicles to enter other lanes of traffic or affecting a driver’s ability to negotiate an intersection safely.
  • Large potholes or cracks in a road may cause damage to vehicles, or accidents may occur when a driver swerves around these obstacles.
  • Bridges that have not been properly maintained may collapse, causing significant damage to multiple vehicles and injuries for their occupants.
  • Accidents may occur if signs are not present to warn drivers about roadway hazards, such as sharp curves or falling rocks.
  • An intersection may have been designed in a way that blocks a driver’s view of oncoming or cross traffic, which may lead to collisions when vehicles travel through the intersection or make turns.

When road defects cause a preventable accident, the injured parties may be entitled to compensation. However, preserving and collecting evidence after a car crash is extremely time-sensitive. Therefore, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. 

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