head-on collisions, Appleton Auto Accident AttorneyAuto accidents occur every day and cause serious injuries throughout Wisconsin and across the United States. One of the most dangerous types of accident is the head-on collision, in which the front of one car crashes into the front of another car. These accidents are extremely dangerous due to the high rate of catastrophic and often fatal injuries.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), head-on collisions are more frequent in rural areas—mostly because of two lane highways—though they still cause 7 percent of traffic fatalities in urban areas, as well.

Negligence Can Lead to Head-on Collisions

Most head-on collisions occur when one vehicle crosses a road's center lane and into the path of oncoming traffic. Head-on collisions are rarely no one's fault and, generally speaking, one party is responsible for causing the accident due to negligent behavior.

The following examples of negligence often cause head-on collisions:

Impaired Drivers — Drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol often have difficulty staying in their own lane and cross over into the path of other cars. Additionally, drunk drivers may turn the wrong way on a one-way road, which can easily result in a head-on collision.

Distracted Drivers — Drivers who are texting or who otherwise take their eyes off the road can also often wander into other traffic lanes and cause head-on collisions.

Fatigued Drivers — When a driver falls asleep at the wheel, he or she is rarely able to stay in the correct lane for very long. This is especially risky for commercial truck drivers who drive long hours at a time.

Reckless Passing — On two-lane roads, aggressive drivers may become impatient with a slower-moving car and may attempt to pass the car when it is not safe to do so. If drivers do not see a car coming and do not have time to return to their appropriate lane, a head-on crash may result.

Road Hazards — When a driver sees an obstacle or hazard in the road, they often instinctively jerk the steering wheel to avoid hitting the hazard. Unfortunately, this can cause drivers to swerve into a lane of oncoming traffic. In such cases, whoever was responsible for negligently allowing the road hazard could be held liable for resulting injuries.

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