Appleton automobile accident attorneys, minor driver sponsorsThe liability of parents or sponsors of minor drivers may soon be limited because of two bills that were recently passed by the Senate and Assembly. If Governor Walker signs these bills, longstanding Wisconsin law will be changed with the stroke of his pen. Here is what you need to know about the current laws and how they may apply to you and your teen driver.

Wisconsin Teen Driver Sponsorship Requirements

In the state of Wisconsin, all drivers under the age of 18 must have a sponsor. This person must have legal guardianship rights and fall within the state's definition of an “approved adult.” Upon signing, this adult sponsor:

  • Accepts all liability for any driving actions of the minor;
  • Provides verification that the minor driver has completed at least 30 hours of driving experience (10 of which are at night);
  • Confirms that the minor driver is enrolled in a public school, high school equivalency program, has graduated, or is being educated through a home-based private education program; and
  • Verifies that the minor driver is not habitually truant.

Sponsorship can be withdrawn at any time, but doing so immediately cancels the teen's probationary license. Reinstatement fees and reapplication for licensure must be completed before the license can be re-issued.

Current Liability Statutes

Proposed by Senators Kapenga and Representative Kuglitsch, Assembly Bill 540 and Senate Bill 408 would restrict the level of liability imposed on teen sponsors to $300, 000 or the limits of any insurance coverage provided to the minor by the adult sponsor, whichever is greater.

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