Some occupations require people to spend a lot of time on the road. While some may enjoy the feeling of not being constrained in an office environment, spending a large amount of time on the road can present many hazards to such workers. As a result, commercial truck drivers, delivery drivers and police highway patrol may be at greater risk of being involved in an accident than people who only use their vehicles for a short commute. However, these people have the same rights as everyone else and may be entitled to take legal action when an accident occurs.

A recent accident occurred in Wisconsin that involved four police officers. According to reports, the officers were travelling in a van that was carrying a female inmate when the accident occurred. A minivan struck the police van, propelling it into a traffic light pole at a Milwaukee intersection. Authorities claim the minivan that stuck the police van was stolen. The three occupants of the minivan attempted to flee the scene but were chased and arrested.

The inmate was not injured, but four Wisconsin police officers were. Three of the four have been released from the hospital. The fourth was continuing to receive treatment for injuries. Those injuries were not considered life threatening.

Even accident injuries that are not considered life threatening can cause victims of car accidents a large amount of pain and suffering. In many cases, these injuries can become burdensome in other ways too. Such injuries can leave victims with hefty medical bills that can be difficult for victims to bear. Thankfully, some victims may be entitled to take legal action and pursue compensation that can help to alleviate some of this financial strain.

Source: WMTV, “UPDATE: 4 officers hurt in van crash, ” June 16, 2014