Green Bay motorcycle crash lawyersOf all the vehicle users on the road, motorcyclists have the highest risk of fatality and serious injury during a crash. Unfortunately, they are also far more likely to experience an accident than other road users. Helmets and leather gear offer some form of protection, but they are far from sufficient. Perhaps that is why the technology sector is stepping in to help. Learn more about their potentially game-changing invention and discover what sort of compensation that you or a loved one may be entitled to after a motorcycle crash.

Understanding Why Current Protection is Inadequate

Helmets are one of the most widely used motorcycle safety devices – and for good reason. They are designed to protect the head, face, and brain, which reduces the rider’s overall risk of a serious or fatal injury to one of the body’s most vital organs. Yet, a large percentage of serious injuries and fatalities in motorcyclists are the result of injuries to the trunk. This part of the body, save for perhaps leather gear, is mostly unprotected. There is nothing to absorb the impact, so riders are at risk for serious and life-threatening injuries in a crash. Examples of some of the most commonly experienced trunk injuries include internal bleeding, broken bones, puncturing of vital organs, and spinal injuries. High speed crashes, multiple vehicle crashes, and accidents with large vehicles even further increase the odds of a fatality or serious injury.

Airbag Jackets Reduce the Risk of Trunk Injuries

Vehicle airbags have saved an estimated 15, 000 lives over the last 20 years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says – so why not find a way to use that same technology for motorcyclists. Of course, for the airbag to be effective, it must be on the rider; having it on the bike would be ineffective since most are thrown from their bikes on impact. That is where the airbag jacket comes in.

Used in motocross sports since 2009 and now making their way to the mainstream, airbag jackets are saving lives and reducing the overall risk of serious trunk injuries. They are also becoming more affordable, with options at various price-points. In short, they are becoming the new “must-have” gear for riders – and for good reason. These jackets could save lives. Yet, there will still be accidents in which a jacket fails to provide adequate protection. In such situations (and even in the absence of an airbag jacket), victims may be entitled to compensation for any losses they have experienced.

It is important to note that the same rule applies to helmets – while they can and do save lives, licensed drivers are not legally required to wear helmets in the state of Wisconsin, and insurance companies may not reduce your recovery if you have exercised your right not to wear one.

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