Appleton pedestrian accident injury lawyersThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that, on average, there is one pedestrian killed in a crash every two hours, and at least one is injured every eight minutes. What kind of injuries are sustained, though, and can victims expect to recover? More importantly, what recourse do pedestrians and their families have when a crash causes temporary disability, permanent disability, or wrongful death? The following explains.

Most Commonly Sustained Injuries

To determine the injuries most often sustained by pedestrians, the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development, and Networks, examined medical records and police reports on more than 1.6 million pedestrian accidents. Injuries to the lower extremities were found the be the most common (50 percent of victims), which was then followed by injuries to the head, face, or neck area (38 percent) and injuries to the upper extremities (27 percent). Additionally, the researchers determined that pelvic injuries were far more common for female victims than they were for male victims. However, males often sustained more serious injuries than women.

Understanding the Recovery Process

Because pedestrians are unprotected, they are especially vulnerable in car crashes. Many suffer immediate fatality or end up suffering injuries that eventually lead to fatality. Others experience injuries that can take months or even years to heal. Still others may never fully recover and may become permanently disabled. In all situations, it is critical that victims and their families understand their right to pursue full and fair compensation for their losses.

Pursuing Compensation for a Pedestrian Accident

When pedestrians are injured in a crash, they have the right to pursue compensation from the driver that hit them. Unfortunately, doing so without legal assistance can be stressful, time consuming, and possibly even unfruitful. In contrast, those that seek assistance from a skilled lawyer often experience fewer complications, the legalities of their case are handled by a professional, and they are given the time and energy they need to heal. Make the smart choice for you and your family; contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for your case.

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While most people know that claims for compensation can be made against the negligent driver and his/her liability insurance carriers, many people don’t know that if the negligent driver has no insurance, or the liability limits aren’t sufficient to fully compensate the victim, they can look to their own insurance company for compensation. The uninsured or underinsured coverage on a victim’s own policy will cover them if they if they are just a pedestrian or even if they are riding a bicycle in these situations. However, the coverage questions can be quite complex and a consultation with a qualified personal injury lawyer is often necessary to pursue such claims.

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