Appleton pedestrian accident lawyers, pedestrian accidentsLast year, Wisconsin's pedestrian deaths rose by 22 percent. Warm spring weather, substantial decreases in gas prices, and an improved economy were all considered factors for this rise in traffic fatalities last year. While there may be some truth to this information, it cannot be used as an excuse. An examination other pedestrian-friendly cities may offer some insight as to how Wisconsin could better their streets for their most vulnerable citizens.

Seattle Named Safest City for Pedestrians

With more than 108, 000 of their residents commuting on foot or by public transportation each day, and only 10 pedestrian fatalities per year, Seattle was named the safest city for pedestrians by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Residents of the Emerald City agree, with 96 percent of them saying they feel the city is safe for pedestrians, and 97 percent saying that they feel their city is proactive when it comes to the safety of their walking citizens.

Seattle utilizes a number of programs, including the “Safest Route to School Program, ” which implemented 501 new crosswalks, improved school walking routes, and school speed zone cameras to keep their youngest residents safe; their “Be Super safe” campaign that is aimed at reducing dangerous driving behaviors of their motorists; and their long-term “Pedestrian Master Plan” that focuses on making Seattle the most walkable city in the country.

Boston Makes Major Efforts to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Ranked as the second safest city for pedestrians, Boston made some major improvements in 2013. The most notable was their commitment to post more than 3, 600 public safety signs each year, but they also retimed more than 90 traffic signals that year. When polled, residents indicated that they had noticed the city's efforts, and now 97 percent say they feel their city is proactive in their efforts to create a safe environment for pedestrians.

New York City Works Hard to Keep Their 2.5 Million Pedestrians Safe

Of all the cities that made the top ten list for pedestrian safety, New York City has probably the highest population of pedestrians—about 2.5 million. Keeping that many people safe has to be difficult, but 97 percent of residents feel their city is proactive at ensuring safety, and 90 percent say they are achieving the goal. Strong regulations, improved street markings and signage, education campaigns, traffic calming projects, and an expanded network of red light cameras are just some of the reasons this city has been able to boast the lowest number of pedestrian traffic deaths for more than a century.

Every Resident is Responsible for Pedestrian Safety

Clearly, pedestrian safety has been made a priority in the safest walking cities, but it is important to remember that traffic is everyone's problem, and everyone's responsibility. Adhering to all posted traffic signs, eliminating the use of cellular and technological devices while walking or driving, and always using caution are just a few of the ways every Wisconsin citizen can use to improve road safety for everyone.

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