Green Bay personal injury attorneys, phone app, driver safetyPhone applications help everyday people stay organized, connect with the world, track calories, and give more access to books and magazines. However, could they one day help to lower your insurance premium and promote safe driving? That is what Liberty Mutual is hoping with their currently developing app, RightTrack.

Different From Other Safe Driving Apps

Most safe driving applications seek to shut down your cellular device or, at the very least, limit the notifications you receive while driving. Though helpful, they offer little incentive for driving safely, and most can be overridden with a simple flick of the screen. The RightTrack application seeks to handle things a little differently by giving drivers a reason to improve their driving techniques: better insurance premiums.

How Insurance Premiums Work Today

Currently, insurance premiums are based on factors like credit score and the number of accidents and tickets a driver has experienced over a predetermined period of time. In some ways, this can be prohibitive to normally safe drivers that, through possibly no fault of their own, have experienced an automobile accident. Moreover, individuals with low credit may struggle to find an affordable insurance premium in today's day and age. RightTrack may very well remedy all of these issues and give drivers a sort of second chance after an automobile accident.

How the RightTrack App Works

Recently announced by Liberty Mutual and developed in conjunction with Subaru of America, the RightTrack application offers real-time driving feedback and tips to help drivers reduce their auto insurance premiums. Reports for each trip, including the number of times the driver rapidly accelerates or brakes suddenly, are provided and can then be forwarded to the insurance company to help drive down premium costs. As drivers see the potential reduction, they may be more inclined to even further lower their premiums through even safer driving practices.

Involved in an Automobile Accident? Our Attorneys Can Help

Automobile accidents can happen to anyone. If one happens to you, you may be able to seek fair compensation for any injuries sustained. However, insurance companies often attempt to minimize the extent of injuries to reduce their payout amounts. As such, accident victims should always employ the assistance of a skilled automobile accident attorney.

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