Appleton car crash lawyersWith fall quickly giving way to winter, many Wisconsin drivers are considering how they can reduce their risk of a car crash. Snow and ice – a common occurrence in this state during the winter months – come together to create hazardous surfaces. The added risk of other drivers, the potential for vehicle malfunctions, and the extreme cold only add further to each driver’s overall risk of an accident. Learn how early winter driving preparedness can help reduce this risk, and discover how an experienced attorney can help you recover compensation, should a crash happen to you or a loved one this winter season.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

The colder weather can wreak havoc on a vehicle – especially if it is not properly winterized. Failure to winterize a vehicle can also increase your risk of a crash. For example, if you fail to replace worn tires before winter weather sets in, your vehicle may be unable to grip the road effectively. The result may be a slip, slide, or even spin on ice, at a stop sign, or at an intersection. So, before winter hits, make sure you take your vehicle to a mechanic for full winterization or seek information on how to do it yourself.

Creating an Accident Preparedness “Kit” for Your Car

Accidents are dangerous enough on their own without adding in the frigid winter temperatures, but that is exactly what Wisconsin drivers deal with each year. Be prepared with the appropriate items in your vehicle. Carry an extra charger (or a remote charger) in your vehicle so you can call emergency responders after a crash. Keep warm blankets, water, extra clothing, a first aid kit, and snacks in your vehicle as well to ensure you have what you need on-hand, should you end up stranded for a while after an accident.

Knowing When to Stay Home

Perhaps the best way to prepare for winter driving is to know your limits and the limits of your vehicle. If you do not own a vehicle with four-wheel drive, do not attempt to go out in conditions where the extra power would be needed. If the roads are exceptionally icy or expected to get worse, consider simply staying home instead of venturing out. At the very least though, if you do need to go out, plan your route and leave early. By doing this, you can reduce your overall risk of a crash, even in the worst of winter weather conditions.

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